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Certified Tank & Manufacturing, LLC
2500 Richards Lane Springfield, IL 62702 US
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Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

​Certified Tank & Manufacturing is located on a 15 acre facility in Springfield, IL, close to I-55. Our engineering department designs each tank to the specifications provided by our customers.

 Our Manufacturing Plant Offers the Following:
* Overhead lift capacity in excess of 20 Tons with handling of products up to 13' 9" wide
* Plasma and Acetylene Cutting Capabilities
* Brake Forming for material up to 3/8" thick and 10' Wide
* Plural Component Paint System
* Processes to Manufacture Products out of both Stainless and Carbon Steel

Codes & Construction:
Our products are built to specific codes as outlined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), American Petroleum Institute (API), and the Steel Tank Institute (STI), when required.  We have manufactured thousands of UL-142, UL-2085, STI Fireguard, and STI Flameshield tanks including the F921 & F911 configurations.

Some of our more common requests can be segregated into three categories; Horizontal, Vertical and Rectangular tanks.

Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks -
with capacities up to 35,000 gallons, these tanks can be designed as single wall, farm service,  double wall, or various code constructed tanks, depending on what you need to store and where you are placing it.

Vertical Cylindrical Tanks -
with capacities up to 50,000 gallons, these tanks can be designed for a wide assortment of Ag and Industrial configurations to accommodate liquid and/or dry bulk contents. Like the horizontal tanks, the vertical tank family can include single wall, farm service, double wall or various code constructed tanks to meet specific storage requirements. Vertical tank configurations can include flat, cone or dished bottoms; and open, flat, cone or dished tops.

Rectangular Tanks -
of all sizes and applications can be designed and built by our team of professionals. Rectangular tanks are typically built for use as generator base tanks, day tanks, or auxiliary tanks.  The rectangular tank family can also be manufactured in a single wall, double wall or various coded configurations.

Custom Fabrications
Our engineering department utilizes the latest in computer aided design (CAD) software technologies to draft custom drawings to meet the wide range of needs for our customers. If what you need to build requires customization and quality engineering, our Certified team can provide the solution. Custom items that we manufacture include caged ladders, hoppers, stairs, mezzanines, construction beams, and hand rail systems.

Equipment Options
We have diligently formed partnerships with equipment manufacturers and dealers that enable us to offer equipment options like mixers, baffles, heat coils, pumps, alarm panels, level/monitoring control systems, hoses and reels, vents, caps, fittings, and gauges. We feel confident about being able to accommodate any application or configuration.

Paint Department
Certified Tank & Manufacturing offers an onsite blasting operation and wet spray facility that is host to two bays, each 20' x 120'.  Our standard painting procedure includes finish blasting, PPG Amershield Polyurethane paint, and proper curing before final inspection.  We can accommodate special coatings and protection layers for specific applications utilizing our relationship with PPG and other quality coating manufacturers.

 Our Mission
"Provide products of the highest quality, manufactured safely, delivered on-time, and for the lowest price."

 (Dan Rohr, President)

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